About Paperdome

Paperdome is a Cardboard dome screen kit for VR 360.

Why Paperdome?

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Enjoy together

Don't be alone!
Enjoy VR 360 experience with your real friends at the same time.

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Keep comfortable

Everybody can enjoy VR 360 experience without Ugly, Heavy and moist VR goggles. Of course wireless!

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Safety first

Cardboard is soft, your body will not be hurt by it. Unlike VR goggle, you can watch around during enjoying VR 360. So you'll never be defenseless in it.

Who installed our paperdome

Draw Your Vision with Paperdome.

This Photo is our First Cardboard Dome Screen (Outdoor Dome Theater!). Geodesic Dome was innovated by R. Buckminster Fuller in 1948. We can enjoy using the space, project inside and outside the surface, and learn how to build it.
Paperdome is perfectly fit to VR 360 movie in 2019, but your ideas and vision will create a new way to enjoy it.

Our timeline

  1. December 2015
    ProVR Release
  2. February 2016
    BasicVR Release
  3. June 2016
    RAKUGAKI dome Release
  4. July 2016
    BasicVR ver.2
  5. December 2016
    RAKUGAKI ver.2
  6. June 2017
    Botchdome Release
  7. June 2018
    HD150 Release
  8. September 2018
    HD270 Release
  9. October 2018
    300units installed in Japan
  10. February 2019
    +dome Light Release
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